Finding the Best Video Poker Software

Not all video poker games are the same. Some games have much more stringent minimum bet requirements, while others may not pay out as generously for the same hands. Players who are interested in playing online video poker should look for a few things in their software.

Payout Tables

The first thing players should consider is exactly how much they will be potentially paid out and for what hands. Some games are more than happy to reward hands as small as a single pair, while others will only pay out hands that have at least a straight or full house. Players should look at the requirements for each win. The easier the hand is to make, the more likely it is the player will get some money out of the game. Players should also make sure that they get the maximum payout for each of those hands, since some games will pay out a fraction of what others will offer.

Betting Minimums

The other thing to consider is what the betting minimums and maximums are on the game. Some video poker software is designed only to pay out according to the size of the bet. If players don't bet the highest possible amount, they may not get the full amount of the payout. Players should be sure that they can afford to play on that machine and that the minimums are worth the potential larger winnings.

By comparing video poker software across multiple casinos, players can make sure they are getting the best possible games for their money. Plus, they can enjoy the game that much more when they do win.