How Online Craps Software Works

Traditionally the game of craps is played in a crowded casino with several dealers, bankers, and players jostling to watch who bets on what and what the roll of the dice does for them. When moved to the internet, though, online craps software takes the place of all of that to give players the exciting game in their own homes.

Betting Tables and Layouts

Instead of having to elbow the way to the table to shout at the dealer in order to place bets, online craps software makes it easy and painless to make the best wagers possible. Not only are all of the possible bets laid out on an easy to understand betting table, by clicking on them, players can also learn what the odds are behind each bet and what their potential payouts will be. The information is so easily organized that even players new to the game can play.

Random Number Generators

Taking the place of the shooter and the dice roll is a random number generator. While physical dice can sometimes be manipulated or tricked, random number generators are unique pieces of software that are always completely random. They are programmed with the limitations of the dice and will always produce perfectly fair and clear results. In fact, because the virtual dice cannot be fooled, the odds in online craps are much better than they would be in a brick and mortar casino.

Players who love the game of craps but hate the crowded and bustling nature of Vegas-style casinos will love what online craps software provides. They get all the best features and qualities of the game with none of the hassles of playing it.