In Game Bonuses for Online Slots

Bonus rounds are an integral part of online slots games. In the past, most online slots bonus games were awarded as free spins were the most common, but in game slots bonuses are becoming increasingly popular. What Are In Game Slots Bonuses?

When a free spin activates, the slots game typically repeats an extra round without deducting any credits from the player's account. When an in game bonus activates, the scene and possibly even the symbols will change completely. These are also known as bonus games on the reels because a separate reel set is used to create the bonus round.

Magic Multiplier by Microgaming

In this online slots game, the bonus round is triggered when three curtain symbols appear in the correct reels. Before the player selects one of the curtains, any payouts already earned are credited to the player's account. Behind the curtain is a random payout that the player receives. In some cases, a second curtain can be selected as well.

Butterflies by Vegas Technology

The butterfly feature in this online slots game is a different type of in game bonus round that is activated when one house symbol appears anywhere on the screen. Any previous winnings are paid first, and then an animated butterfly emerges from the house and turns select symbols into wild cards, which typically results in more wins.

Online slots developers are continuously coming up with ways to make their games even more exciting for casino goers. More and more online slots games will feature in house bonuses in the future.