Keno Games Online

In land-based casinos, keno is a leisurely game that is played to pass the time while waiting for spots at a table to open up. People who truly enjoy keno can play the game exclusively in online casinos, if they so choose.

Understanding Keno

Keno is a game that is not unlike a lottery or bingo game; players are required to select numbers from those that are available in hopes of having those numbers called by the croupier. Players will be required to purchase a card from the casino, and the price of the card will vary based upon the way the player chooses to wager. Different types of bets have different payouts, similarly to other casino games like roulette and craps. These days, players flock to online venues in order to play keno from the comforts of home instead of in a smoke-filled casino filled with excited patrons. The addition of online keno has brought back the popularity of the game.

Playing Keno Online

Online keno does not differ much from standard keno; the cards still have around 80 numbers from which to choose, and players are able to select anywhere between one and 20. Depending upon the type of wager players make, the house edge in keno will range from a modest 4% to a whopping 66%. Of course, the bets with the highest house edge, such as matching 10 numbers out of 10, will have the highest payouts associated with them. Players should remember to play keno conservatively in order to realize the best outcomes.

Players who are interested in keno but do not want to travel to the nearest casino will be glad to know that they can enjoy keno online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.